Summum ius summa iniuria.

(Law is unfairness without fairness.)


Dr. Balázs Téglásy

The activities of the office cover the areas of civil law, commercial law, company law and criminal law.

Attorney at law


Dr. Balázs Téglásy

The activity of a lawyer is based on trust. This trust must be maintained by the lawyer during the implementation of the assignment with his/her professional knowledge and client-centredness.
We are always ready for the Clients, properly prepared and properly represented!

The scope of operation of our law firm is basically wide, but we mainly specialize in conducting economic matters, we undertake the full representation of business companies. Our profile also includes litigation and non-litigation related to loans, our office – as part of its classic legal activity – reviews the rights and facts related to real estate, drafting real estate sale and lease agreements, administration of real estate registration procedures, and legal related tax and duty matters provides advice. We also undertake representation in family law matters, primarily in the drafting of agreements concluded in connection with the dissolution of matrimonial property, partnership property and marital property. Our office has a broad profile of labor law, all aspects of it that anyone with an employment relationship can come across. Our office also specialized in medical malformations. Since 2010, our office has been dealing with bank debt settlement and enforcement lawsuits. In foreign currency loan cases, our Office primarily provides defendant legal representation and out-of-court legal representation related to bank conciliation; if you wish to initiate legal proceedings against a bank, we will provide detailed information in the framework of a personal consultation regarding both the experience and the legal assessment of the contract.



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