Professional Fields

Company Law

Our office has great experience in the field of the companies’ law. Our work is expanded to creating and modifying contracts of joint-stock companies, limited liability companies and other partnerships. If you are thinking about establishment of a new company during legal procedures you need to have lawyer’s contribution.

Medical Law

The doctors have huge responsibility during their healing activity. This is the reason why we think it is unacceptable and impermissible to be unprepared, reckless, careless or negligent, as omission can threaten human life. Our principle is to act only in ethically, professionally and legally impeccable cases. We believe in the importance of discreetness.

Labour Law

Labour law regulates in general the relationship between the employer and employee. Problems in connection with this are so frequent, thinking about for example dismission or dismissal, too. The field of the labour law is a very special one, as there is a below-above ordinance among the parties. The law tries to protect the employees by creating strict, compulsory rules. There is not a big freedom, like in other fields which can explain the necessity of the lawyer’s contribution.

Family Law

According to the acts the family and marriage is protected. The children have special legal protection, which has emphasized role in the procedures. Lawyers need to give help in order to prevent the pain during these progress. There are many issues connected to family law, like child placement, invalidation of marriage, divorce, or secondment of guardian.

Criminal Law

Our office deals with criminal law for more than ten years. We have external consultants and experts with great expertise, as it is so important to give profound knowledge. We have great experience in connection with foreign currancy procedures, enforcement proceedings and loan contracts. We are specialised especially in economic crimes. However, we undertake medical artificial defects, and we give professional legal help for doctors, too.

Tax Law

We undertake the representation from the tax control procedure til the end of the legal remedy, including the tax proceedings, too.

Real estate Law

The real estate law is so various. It concludes the loan-, mortgage and purchase contracts, the sub-lease and the problems of the residents’ community. In connection with getting a real estate it is important to highlight the gifting, exchange and inheritance.

Civil litigious procedures

In our office we deal with legal representation for example in procedures of family law, inheritance law, compensation, foreign currency, mortgage and enforcement.

Civil non-litigious procedures

We try to choose the fastest, the most cost-effective procedure to solve the problem. We undertake the representation in non-litigious procedure as well.

Law of Obligation

Our lives is controlled by the rules of the civil law, as almost all actions are regulated by some fields of it. Some are required to have lawyer’s contribution in order to be available, like contracts of inheritance, gifting or marriage. We undertake the text of almost all the contracts, the representation in litigious and non-litigious procedures and the necessary legal steps.

Settlement of the bank debts

Our office has been standing for debtors since 2010. In all stages of the issue we can provide legal services, and we can help our clients during the whole procedure. Our office can give professional advice, and has special knowledge in the litigation of foreign currency. We offer our clients a personal consultation with detailed enlightment.