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Business law

We also act for companies, both in the day-to-day management of their affairs and in the drafting of medium- and long-term contracts, as well as in the implementation of specific projects.


We represent clients in a wide range of civil litigation and general litigation matters throughout the country.

Criminal defence

Another main profile of our firm for many years has been representation in criminal law matters, through secondments or by proxy; in criminal proceedings for economic, transport or other criminal offences.


Our expert lawyers are committed to justice and legal protection in the field of health law. Our services include representing victims of medical malpractice and providing legal defense for doctors and healthcare professionals.

The experienced and dedicated team in our office provides clients with personalized solutions based on their needs and legal situation. The lawyers work closely with victims and doctors and healthcare professionals. This enables us to effectively represent our clients’ interests, even in litigation.

The firm’s work covers a wide variety of medical malpractice cases, including diagnostic errors, surgical errors, pharmaceutical errors, obstetric errors and medical negligence damages. We are confident that through our sound legal strategies and thorough investigations, we can achieve justice and satisfaction for our clients.

We provide representation to doctors and healthcare professionals in cases where allegations are unfounded or unsubstantiated. Our firm is committed to protecting the legal rights of physicians and helping them demonstrate their professional excellence when medical malpractice “allegations” are unfounded.

If you need legal help with a medical malpractice case, whether you are a victim or a doctor, please contact us today. Our law firm is committed to helping you find the truth and secure the right legal representation.

Most litigation situations can be avoided through mediation and conciliation, so our firm is also available to help you reach out-of-court settlements and avoidance agreements.

Due to the specific nature of litigation and in order to fully represent and protect the rights of the client, adequate legal representation in litigation is essential.

Whether you are an individual or a professional business, whether you are a civil or criminal law practitioner in need of professional legal advice, our firm is available.

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