Legal representation in civil litigation and non-litigation process

In our law firm, we focus on litigation, including family law litigation (matrimonial, custody, child support, paternity), tort, succession, medical malpractice, cohabitation, dissolution of community property, contract avoidance including foreign currency, property, foreign exchange.

Since 2014, our firm has been representing a significant number of debtors in foreign currency debt litigation, including an increasing number of enforcement cases. In addition to the above, we initiate settlement negotiations with the creditor in the conciliation procedure with the financial institution concerned and represent our clients in the negotiation of possible litigation or out-of-court settlements.

Our firm has extensive experience in both litigation and conciliation procedures in relation to mortgage and car loans, and we also conduct legal proceedings to terminate enforcement proceedings, taking into account the relevant legal environment.

We also undertake assignments in relation to corporate loans, offering our clients a complex package, i.e. we carry out the acquisition of the claim, litigation and conciliation in person with the financial institution.

Our office is staffed by highly experienced and fair assistants, with the help of external experts with experience in financial institution procedures.

In our office we try to find the quickest and most cost-effective way for our clients to resolve the problem, so if litigation can be avoided or for some reason cannot be started, we also represent our clients in out-of-court proceedings.