Health(care) law

“Anyone who causes damage to another person unlawfully is obliged to compensate for it”, the Civil Code states as a general rule of tort law. This general form of liability can be invoked in a number of life situations relating to torts – including in the field of health law under the provision of Act CLIV of 1997 on Health Care (Health Care Act).

According to the Regulation, the provision of health services is subject to the condition that the health professional who initiates the issue of the operating licence must have liability insurance to cover damage caused in the course of the provision of health services. This liability insurance is a guarantee that the person receiving the healthcare service can seek appropriate redress from the healthcare provider in the event of damage.

Our Office is fully committed to representing our clients in proceedings to recover damages for the harm they have suffered while using a healthcare service. The scope of our activity is very broad, since it is not only in the case of medical malpractice that compensation can be sought; if a person suffers any damage while using a health service, he or she can always seek redress from the service provider. Thus, for example, if the improper conduct of medical care staff infringes the patient’s health rights, such as the rights to human dignity, to adequate information or to self-determination, or if their conduct infringes the general principle of good practice, a legitimate claim for damages may be brought against the healthcare provider, just as it would be for an improperly performed surgical intervention.

Health law proceedings require specialised legal expertise, which is fully available in our Office. We have many years of experience in this field, including the negotiation of out-of-court settlements, as it is in the best interest of both the health care provider and our clients to bring the proceedings to a conclusion as soon as possible, avoiding time delays and speeding up the process of obtaining compensation.

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