Compensation law

“Whoever causes damage to another person unlawfully, is obliged to compensate for it”, says the Civil Code. This general clause is applicable to any damage. Whether it is a traffic accident, an accident at work, a medical malpractice, or a harm caused by a person in bad faith in everyday life, the injured party is entitled to compensation.

Many people don’t know it, but compensation in a road accident is an inescapable issue, regardless of any possible criminal or civil liability, and the legal obligation to compensate the party responsible for the damage is on the party who caused it. It is also not a problem if the party causing the damage is insolvent, as these traffic situations are also covered by the underlying liability of the liability insurer. So, if you suffer any damage in a road accident, you can also make a claim against a professional insurer. However, these companies’ administrative systems are often cumbersome and complicated, so without trained legal representatives, it can take longer or even be impossible to claim compensation.

It is also not widely known that employers are liable to pay compensation for damage caused during the course of employment. The correct statutory provision to refer to is the following phrase in the Labour Code: “The employer is obliged to compensate the employee for damage caused in connection with the employment relationship.” This can be the case in quite extreme cases, for example a secretary was required to wear high heels by workplace regulations and in this context suffered a broken ankle due to a careless step. In this case, the court is correct in finding that this is an accident at work and the secretary is therefore entitled to compensation.

A special case of the above described compensation cases is the injury during medical operations. In this case, the health care provider (whether public or private) is liable for its employee, even if the doctor may be a subcontractor.

Medical malpractice proceedings require specialised legal expertise and a reliable team of professional experts, which is fully available in our firm. We have many years of experience in this field, including the negotiation of out-of-court settlements, as it is in the best interest of both the maintainer and, in particular, our clients to bring the proceedings to a conclusion as quickly as possible, avoiding time delays and speeding up the process of compensation.

Whatever your circumstances, if you have suffered damage, you may be entitled to compensation from the person who caused it. However, we can help you through the complex and lengthy legal process of compensation quickly and accurately, so that you can pursue your legitimate claim.

We have our own team of experts who are available to help you not only with compensation law, but also with other legal and non-legal problems that may arise in this context.

If a specialist issue arises, our permanent partners are recognised experts in the country, so that in addition to legal issues, professional expertise is also channelled into the cases, ensuring that our clients are fully protected and represented.